245 Pages | Mystery

Clay Farina is a private investigator in Monterey, California. Most of his work comes from his father’s investment firm, Farina-Black.

When a socialite client of Farina-Black is anonymously accused of trying to kill an ethically-challenged real estate developer, Clay is recruited to find out who committed the shooting and who has reason to involve her.

Ex-spouses, over-protective adult children and a vengeful hangover from his previous case complicate Clay’s investigation. Clay decides the best course to clear his client’s name is by exposing a long list of alternative suspects. But the stakes are raised by an unexpected death.

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284 Pages | Science Fiction

Bodyguard Carver Denz is forcibly separated from his clients one port in to their interstellar pilgrimmage.

A mysterious attack from jumpspace against Argosy Station puts the fragile peace between Argosy Realm and the more powerful Bohr Confluence at risk. The weapon used could be alien in origin. Denz is only one victim of the hunt for the artifact. Traders, traitors, soldiers and more endeavor to advance themselves and their causes in the looming battle.

Can Carver re-unite with his missionary team and ensure the weapon doesn’t tip the power balance overwhelmingly to one side?

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207 Pages | Science Fiction

Jake Nourth hunts for a missing topologist. Finding the academic is only the beginning of the latest weird in Meld as the city holds its own deepening secrets. Supported by official sanction, the Throat Cult gains strength and purpose. A mysterious sculpture under the cult’s protection may hold the key to the scientist’s disappearance and the danger facing Jake’s city.

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270 Pages | Science Fiction

Abandoned by their jumpspace transport crew, reluctant spy Carver Denz and a diverse passenger group must improvise to survive and navigate their way back to civilization. Threatening their plans? Mistrust, hallucination, murder and the universe’s dual reality.

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231 Pages | Science Fiction

Jake Nourth witnesses one friend’s death and another’s descent into catatonia during a panic-driven riot. The madness running among Meld’s citizens is recent, random and expanding. Casualties mount and the plague strikes near to Jake’s heart. He enlists soulchemist Cleo Purdy, reclusive cosmologist Law Fomalhaut and the native cjbles to determine what or who is the cause. Can this alliance stop it in time and retrieve the minds of the victims?

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237 Pages | Science Fiction

Trapped in a dead-end job in a city he hates, Conspiratorial Investigator Jake Nourth pins his hopes on solving the mystery of the missing Sixth Helix, a device that will unlock the secrets of space and time. One big score will free him from the twisted streets of Meld. As mystery piles upon mystery, it soon becomes apparent that Jake is over his head in an ocean of astrophysical theories and a rising wave of petty crime. But when the bodies pile up, Jake realizes there is a lot more at stake than his pending departure—his marriage, his reason and, maybe, his life.

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318 Pages | Science Fiction

In a secret settlement filled with rebels and outcasts, Victor Stromboli fights to establish his authority as the newly minted Sheriff of Rogue Town. Having survived the destruction of Transient City, Stromboli returns to his former home to recover vital technology, only to discover he has a murder investigation on his hands.

Recent arrival, Olaf Greggsun, was tortured before being brutally killed – but what secrets did he have that were worth dying for and who wanted them badly enough to kill? Caught between competing corporate agendas and corrupt local officials, Stromboli will need all his wits to solve this crime and protect Shoes, the peculiar and brilliant woman he has grown to love.
But who can he trust? Everyone seems to have their own dark secrets and hidden motives and if Stromboli can’t sort the good guys from the bad, he risks losing everything – including his life.

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248 Pages | Science Fiction

On a distant mining colony at the far reaches of a galactic empire, vast cities crawl across the surface of desolate planet looking for valuable minerals while their citizens struggle to survive. Victor Stromboli, a professional crime scene witness is nearly crippled by the brutal memories he can’t control or forget. Now, he has to solve the mystery of a missing corporate executive. The only trouble is: the man is the husband of the love of his life. Stromboli has to overcome rogue miners, corporate intrigue and a pair of vicious psychopaths. Or die trying.

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“[A] very enjoyable read.” — Book of Bogan
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Javenny Cover


248 Pages | Science Fiction

A race for power and wealth transforms into a race to save the world in Al Onia’s debut novel, Javenny. A young woman’s calling may be all that stands between Earth and the dreams of a dying alien race… assuming she survives the machinations of her church and the corporate sharks who want to use her for their own ambitions. Javenny is a globe spanning adventure that asks the question; can a single person change the world?

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Praise for JAVENNY:
“Javenny is a thrilling first-contact story with an unforgettable heroine. An auspicious debut from a major new talent: this is one of the best first novels I’ve read in years.”

— Robert J. Sawyer, Hugo Award-winning author of Red Planet Blues