Short Fiction

Anthology Title: The Machines That Make Us: Enigma Front 6

Description: The word “robot” was coined a little over a century ago, but humankind has always told stories of constructed lifeforms. From the earliest myths to the latest blockbuster, stories of artificial life have always held our attention. But what do the stories we tell about the machines we make reveal about how we see ourselves?

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Anthology Title: The Astronaut Always Rings Twice

Story Title: “Jurisdiction”

Description: Down below they still believe in ideas like right and wrong. Up here the arc of humanity crosses many boundaries. The cold of space. The heat of passion. It is a place of nowhere and everywhere. A vector where crime is not bound by gravity and larceny is committed in the realm of tomorrow.

Out here are the few. The jaded. Adrift in the black and alone in the void. The rules of civilization seem a forgotten dream. Scoundrels hide between galaxies and wormholes only to be swallowed up in the blackness shrouding devious minds. We watch from the seedy corners of back-alley gin joints and spaceports as we swirl replicated bourbon under artificial light.

But the yearning remains, fantasies inside your helmet. Dreams of being with someone. You understand as only an astronaut can how we carry the darkness in us when we venture out, staying one step in front of the vacuum threatening to consume us before our humanity runs out.

So, to all the mugs out there, remember: The Astronaut Only Rings Twice.

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Anthology Title: Titanic Terastructures

Story Title: “Heavenstair”

Description: Ringworlds, Dyson spheres, arcologies, planet cities, space elevators, skyscrapers with populations of entire countries; come along with us as we explore megastructures, gigastructures, TERASTRUCTURES!

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Anthology Title: Enigma Front: The Monster Within

Story Title: “Lenin Versus the Nants”

Description: The team who brought you the Aurora nominated Enigma Front: Burnt now presents you with twenty-two new stories of demon dentists and devilish wingmen, of psychic parasites and mad mathematicians. Hunters stalk the streets of Whitechapel and lurk in the hotels of Africa, and may – or may not – haunt a lonely road outside Saskatoon. First, Everything changed. Then, everything burned. Now, the monster rises!

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Pageflex PersonaAnthology Title: Visions VI: Galaxies (Volume 6)

Story Title: “Final Contact”

Description: With hundreds of billions of galaxies in the Universe and hundreds of billions of stars in most galaxies, the possibility of habitable planets other than our Earth is a certainty. When humankind spreads outward, as it must in order to survive, communication and interaction between galaxies must also reach unforeseen capabilities. Life in a distant future, where moving between galaxies is accomplished with ease, will be different…yet in many ways the same. Human interaction is a constant—love, hate, trust, fear—emotional qualities of life cannot change. Or can they? What will future humans be like? For that matter, could our cousins already exist and be waiting for us to contact them?

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abnegativeAnthology Title: AB Negative

Story Title: “The Coelacanth Samba”

Description: Where Blood Runs Black As Oil…14 choice cuts from Alberta’s best crime fiction and genre writers, playing in their own back yard.

Featuring: Randy McCharles (The Necromancer Candle); Janice MacDonald (Randy Craig mystery series); Axel Howerton (Hot Sinatra); S.G. Wong (Die On Your Feet); Susan Calder (Deadly Fall); Robert Bose (nEvermore! Tales of Murder, Mystery and the Macabre); Al Onia (Javenny); Sharon Wildwind (Some Welcome Home); Brent Nichols (War Of The Necromancer series); Therese Greenwood (Dead In The Water); R. Overwater (Tall Tales Of The Weird West); Jayne Barnard (The Evil Eye Of Africa); and Kevin P. Thornton (World Enough And Crime).

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OnSpec_frontAnthology Title: Casserole Diplomacy and Other Stories

Story Title: “Emily’s Shadow”

Description: From its modest beginnings with a single test issue to its Aurora Award-winning present, On Spec has delighted its fans with tales of the fantastic for 25 years. What better way to celebrate On Spec’s silver jubilee than showcasing some of its best stories?

Spanning two decades of On Spec’s history, these twenty-four stories and poems offer a tantalizing taste of the wondrous, dark, humorous, and surreal tales that have appeared in its pages. Mind-bending tales of adventures and worlds where:

~ Once a generation the clouds part to reveal the stars . . .

~ A widow gives a lesson in Newfoundland hospitality to a trio of aliens . . .

~ A psychic ex-con must help the detective who put her in jail . . .

~ The wives of Sur la Mer hide horrific secrets behind their locked gates-and under garden toads . . .

~ The past and future collide when a Medieval Welsh king washes up on the shore . . .

~ In a post-apocalyptic world, a young man learns what it means to be a railman . . .

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warriorwisewomanAnthology Title: Warrior Wisewoman 3

Story Title: “The Envoy”

Description: Explore the truth of what it means to be female, and discover the wisdom and the strength of a woman in a grand universe without limits. Far-ranging scientific speculation meets action and adventure, grand space opera, thrilling discovery, and intelligent protagonists…

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cover-art-bodysmith-401Anthology Title: BodySmith 401

Story Title: “Turn of the Glass”

Description: This collection is to honor the memory of Ray Bradbury. These stories are all speculative fiction, and they all deal more strongly with the characters’ reaction to the science or fantasy in the story than with the science or fantasy itself. Herein you’ll find humorous and heartening and cynical and frightening and thought-provoking stories about artificial intelligence (AI), long-extinct octopoid creatures that booby-trapped their abandoned planet, brave warriors, skilled hunters and skulking menaces. You’ll visit both Utopia and Dystopia. You’ll find magic, music, myth and mystery, infidelity, paranoia, suspense and schizophrenia, space travel, time travel, mind travel, rockets, space ships, colonists, time dilation, robots, multimorphous beings and a very deadly game. And there’s more… oh, so very much more.

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northofinfinityAnthology Title: North of Infinity: Futurity Visions

Story Title: “To the Last Man”

Description: A new breed of science fiction/fantasy writer emerges to fill this collection with intriguing and suspenseful stories of people in extreme conditions and situations. Includes stories by Colleen Anderson, Leonid Spektor, Ray Deonandan, and Dat Pham.

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Online Magazines (available for purchase)

My work has appeared in online magazines such as:

Story Title: “Paper Soldier”
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Story Title: “Magic Tape”
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aresmagazine thespeculativeedge
Story Title: “Neanderthal Sunset”
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Story Title: “The Millennium Bug”
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Online Publications

Read my work online here:

Wait On Eight, published in Emerging Worlds Magazine (March 2019)
Fugue in Death Minor – Perihelion Online SF Magazine (October 2014)
Days End At The Three Eel – Heroic Fantasy Quarterly (October 2012)
The Raccoon – Spinetingler Magazine (July 2011)